How easy is it to cash a cheque at Cash@Maxx?

We don’t see them so often these days, but some people still use cheques as a means of payment. If you have received one recently, you will already know that cashing the cheque can be a very drawn-out process.

One option is to cash the cheque at your local bank.  Unfortunately it can take up to five days for the cheque to clear, which means you have quite a long wait before you can get your hands on your cash! There must be a better way, right? Thankfully, there is! You just need to take your cheque to a store that offers a cheque cashing service. Here at Cash@Maxx, we are happy to offer our customers this service.

When you receive a cheque from a third-party, only you can cash it as you are the named person on the cheque. That’s why many people take theirs to the bank and pay them straight into their bank account, but cheque cashing services on the high street are becoming a lot more popular, as it means you don’t have to wait for a few days for the cheque to clear into your account. You get the money as cash straight away!

Once we have the cheque and have paid you your cash, we are then able to cash the cheque for ourselves. Don’t worry about the cheque being made out to you - we’ll still be able to cash it for ourselves!

When you bring your cheque to us, the whole process is quick and simple and you’ll receive your cash there and then! You just need to bring us your cheque and some official forms of identification. We will need to see two forms of identification: firstly, a form of photographic ID and secondly, a piece of ID that can confirm your address. Most people bring their passport or driving license as their photographic form of identification. When it comes to the ID for their address, the majority of people bring along an official letter, such as a bank statement, utility bill, or TV license.

And that’s all we need! Once we’ve seen your two forms of ID, are happy with your cheque and you have paid the required fee, we can hand you over the cash. Simple! Sounds like a lot less hassle than taking the cheque to the bank and waiting for it to clear, right?

If you have any questions about the whole cheque cashing process, you can call into one of our stores and speak to our shop assistants. Alternatively, check out the contact page on our website. You’ll find phone numbers and an email address so that you can get in contact straight away. You can also send us a quick message using the contact form.

Next time you receive a cheque, don’t panic - come and see Cash@Maxx instead and get your cash on the spot!