Latest Technology Game Consoles

When it comes to the latest technology game consoles, Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One lay far above any others in terms of popularity… and both for good reasons. There are many compelling considerations to take into account when deciding how to choose between the two, as each has its own major advantages. Determining which one is better therefore all depends on your own preferences.


The PlayStation4 (released in 2013) has an overall sleek and compacted design, with a matt finish and integrated transformer, so therefore has better looks and adaptations compared to its previous models and other console types.

The actual controllers have been significantly improved, diminishing previous faults addressed by players. This new ‘DualShock 4’ has incorporated digital face buttons, a front-facing speaker, and a clickable touchpad alongside the original controller’s key components.


When looking at the graphical capabilities of the PS4 it is clear to see that it’s gaming performance is very good. Having the ability to produce 1080p/920p resolution images means that gaming on this console will be smooth, and of high quality.

The PS4 is notably aimed towards individual play, as it has a wide variety of single-player experiences that the Xbox One can’t quite match. It also has many exclusive games like Killzone and Uncharted that are not unavailable on other consoles (so as a general note, if there is a specific game which interests you it is a good idea to see how you can access it first, and rule out any console on which you can’t). Sony’s network of first-party studios allows them to create a greater volume of exclusive games than Microsoft, so there are overall more available to you on the PS4.


Whilst both the PS4 and the Xbox One have multiple flagship franchises carried over from previous generations, Launch titles and flagship games on the PS4 have more emotional depth and an emphasis on storytelling, so if this is important to you the PS4 comes out on top.


The PS4 is additionally compatible with a large range of applications, providing you with the means to access main servers such as Netflix and BBC iplayer on your TV. Although the Xbox One also has such apps, there are certain others which are exclusive to the PS4, for example Spotify.


The Xbox One (released in 2013) is a boxier device than the PS4, however its matt, glossy, and chrome finishes make it an attractive piece. Whilst the original Xbox One model doesn’t have an integrated power supply, the Xbox One Slim does… alongside it being much more compacted.


The controller of the Xbox One is not greatly indifferent to the popular Xbox 360’s. It contains the same comfortable button placement, and has even managed to improve the responsiveness of the triggers. By choosing to keep the idea of replaceable, rather than rechargeable, batteries the duration of playing sessions using this controller can also be increased.

The graphical performance of the Xbox One is not as high as the PS4, although it is still very good. It tends to produce game imaging at sub-1080p so the game is slightly less refined, however the Xbox One Slim does have better graphics than the original Xbox One due to increased GPU clock-speed and eSRAM bandwidth.


The Xbox One also has its fair share of exclusive games such as Halo and Forza Motorsport. Of course both consoles also have the same 3rd party games available, so just be sure to do full research on the exclusives as again it’s down to your own personal preferences.


Additional streaming applications are available on the Xbox One that are not on the PS4, such as NFL. Furthermore, you can use the Xbox One console as a PVR due to its ability to run content through it from a set-top box/turner.


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