Use our Payment Plan to Help Spread the Cost of Christmas!

The cold chill is slowly starting to creep into the air, and that can only mean one thing; it’s nearly time to go shopping for Christmas gifts! For many people, this is a stressful time as you’re always in a rush and you know it’s going to cost a fortune.

This year, why don’t you try something different and use our payment plan to buy your Christmas presents right now? At Cash@Maxx we offer a ‘Reserve and Pay Later’ system where you can pick out your gifts now, pay a small deposit, and then pay off the full cost over the course of a few weeks or months. Once you’ve paid everything off, we give you the gifts, and everyone is happy.

We don’t have any hidden fees or charges, and doing this can bring a whole host of benefits to your Christmas shopping this year.

Helps You Budget Better

Most families tend to live on a budget as they don’t have endless disposable income. So, when something like Christmas comes around, it messes your budget up completely. You start spending loads of money all in one go and it can be hard to ever get your budget back into place. With our payment plan, you can stick to your budget and make smaller payments over time, as opposed to one huge sum all at once. It’s way easier to manage.

No Large Credit Card Bill

It’s fair to say that credit cards take a beating during the festive season. People use them as an option to pay for all the expensive presents. It seems like a good idea at the time, but you end with a whopping bill in January. You might struggle to pay it all in full, meaning you start to incur interest charges. At Cash@Maxx, we don’t charge interest rates, and we help avoid costly credit card bills by spacing out your payments. This lets you put that credit card away, and avoid entering 2018 in debt.

Peace Of Mind

With our Reserve and Pay Later payment plan, you can buy your Christmas gifts today, right now! This gives you peace of mind that all the gifts are bought, and there’s no fear of things selling out, which they often do closer to Christmas. We sell everything from the latest PS4 to a brand new guitar; we can help you tick things off your child’s Christmas list by the end of October!

It’s YOUR Payment Plan

The only rules we have in place is that you have to pay a small deposit and cover the full costs in no more than 12 weeks - everything else is down to you! It’s your payment plan, you decide how many weeks you need out of those 12, and you decide how much money you pay in installments. We give you as much freedom as possible to help you manage your money and make Christmas easier.

As if all this wasn’t enough, we offer a 6-month guarantee policy on all our goods. Not only will you make life easier by purchasing our amazing products with a payment plan, but you also get a bit of protection in the rare case something is faulty. It’s simple, if you want a stress-free Christmas, reserve your gifts today at your local Cash@Maxx store, then sit back, enjoy a glass of something festive and relax, knowing this year the gifts are sorted and you won’t regret it in January!