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GRADE: Media

PS4 - Watch Dogs 2 (18) Preowned

PS4 - Watch Dogs 2 (18) Preowned

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Step into the vibrant and technologically advanced world of Watch Dogs 2 on the powerful PS4 console. As a brilliant young hacker named Marcus Holloway, you'll join the hacking group DedSec in their mission to expose corruption and take down a nefarious corporate establishment in the heart of San Francisco. With the PS4's stunning graphics and seamless open-world gameplay, you'll explore the sprawling city, hack into its interconnected systems, and use a variety of high-tech gadgets to outsmart your adversaries. The game seamlessly blends action, hacking, and a gripping narrative, offering players a thrilling experience that reflects the possibilities and perils of a hyper-connected society. Watch Dogs 2 on the PS4 is not just a game; it's an electrifying journey into the hacktivist subculture, filled with dynamic characters, breathtaking visuals, and a narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Join DedSec and unleash the power of hacking in this action-packed adventure that redefines the open-world genre.
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Technical Information

PS4 - Watch Dogs 2 (18) Preowned

GRADE: Media

Platform – PS4
Title – Watch Dogs 2
Age Rating – 18
Inlay Version May Vary
DLC Not Included

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